Workplace Cafeterias are Incompatible with Healthy Living

December 1, 2017 - 3 minutes read

We’re not knocking the office cafeteria: The salad bar is always crispy, there are two different soups, and you get free soda refills. But an increasing body of research (and a few bold start-ups) show that the keystone to a healthy life isn’t just eating right; it’s eating right for you. And it’s simply impossible for any given cafeteria to offer the just-right mix of options for the an entire workforce.

As we’ve covered in past blogs, although the microwave supports individualized hot-meal choices, it’s far from being the ideal option for individualized meal preparation. That’s a big part of what drove the development of the HotLogic 8 Oven:


The desire to make sure every single worker can come to work with the meal that’s right for them. More importantly, when their lunch break finally rolls around that individual lunch–perfectly heated, no hot spots, no cold spots, no burnt edge–should be waiting for them instead of them waiting in line for it.

The increasing need to take back the dribs and drabs of time that are stolen from us every day gets to the core of HotLogic Managing Director Jake Wisner’s enthusiasm. “This isn’t about a product that we have,” Jake explains, “it’s about changing spaces in order to change people’s lives. If we can help someone get back just 5 or 10 minutes each day, that’s 40 hours over the course of a year that comes back to them.”


As Gary Chapman notes in his bestselling book The 5 Love Languages: “Time is a precious commodity. We all have multiple demands on our time, yet each of us has the exact same hours in a day. We can make the most of those hours” …but to do so, we need to prioritize how we spend every minute in our day. No one in their right mind is going to prioritize standing in line waiting to microwave a burrito over having a few more minutes to relax with coworkers, take a stroll out of the office, or get home that much earlier to their loved ones. The team at HotLogic wants to do whatever they can do help you and your employees take back your time, to spend it how you choose.


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