The Grill Helper: Prepping chicken in Hot Logic

July 1, 2014 - 1 minute read

Parboiling or pre-baking whole chicken thighs ensures it won’t take all afternoon to grill lunch, but it’s also a hassle – and it can dry out the meat, or leave it flavorless.

My husband loves any excuse to hang out with his electric grill outside, and he’s devised a system that’s pretty ingenious. Every week, we buy chicken thighs, and every week, he pulls them out a day in advance and seasons them and cooks them on the shelves. We have the Hot Logic 400, a countertop model, so he can do up to four at a time.

Now, it’s important to note that cooking raw, full bone-in thighs without submerging them in liquid doesn’t cook them quite all the way through. They’re perfectly done for the grill without any liquid – and just a few minutes on the grill finishes them. 

Boneless chicken cooks up beautifully without any liquid, but whenever cooking bone-in chicken, they need to be submerged in liquid to cook all the way through. My husband likes to submerge them in stock, or barbecue sauce to make them really rich.

For this particular meal, he used a salted thyme rub and lemons before in Hot Logic before he slathered them in BBQ sauce and threw them on the grill.


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