The HotLogic technology is unique and patented. This technology is the reason that your meals will be heated or cooked perfectly every time. This is also what allows the meal to be held at the perfect temperature for you to enjoy as your schedule allows.


The HotLogic units are programmed with smart software to monitor the temperature of the shelf and never let it get too high or too low. This gets and keeps your meal at a perfect and safe temperature. The shelves use conduction heating, which will not spark with metal (unlike a microwave :-)


The HotLogic 400 and 800 are both designed to be stackable. This is a great way to save valuable space and serve more of the people you care about in a small footprint. This also allows for flexible growth - simply add a unit as your needs expand. Being designed for stacking makes them safer to stack - the interlocking design keeps them secure.

CE/NSF Certified

We hold ourselves to high standards. You and those you care for are important to keep safe. The HotLogic units are UL or CE/NSF certified, assuring you that they are safe. It is our honor and pleasure to offer you these safe products for you use and enjoyment.

110v standard wall outlet

The 110 outlet is the standard outlet in homes and in businesses (and even some cars). Being able to plug into a 110 outlet provides ease of use. This also provides cost savings in not having to rewire an outlet in order to use it. This provides a lot of flexibility for use, and cost savings to you.

Engineered in the USA

HotLogic units are enjoyed the world over. We are proud to serve our national and global neighbors with products that we have designed and engineered here in the USA. We are proud to employ a staff of engineers and talented assemblers to make these fine products available to you, for you to enjoy yourself and with the ones you care for.

The perfect solution for heating or cooking meals at home, work and on the go.

Amazingly Simple

Our patented technology allows for simplicity. The software does all the work for you. How great is that!?! Simply place your meal and the shelf does the rest. No buttons, dials or settings to fuss with.

Thoughtful Solutions

We have delighted in designing and engineering these HotLogic product line for your enjoyment for faithful daily use. These products are made to make your life easier. That gives us great joy, and we look forward to hearing your stories of satisfaction. 

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Simply Better

Easy as 1-2-3


Meals from scratch, leftovers, or prepackaged's your choice. The HotLogic will automatically prepare every meal to perfection.


Enjoy your daily activities knowing that the HotLogic is cooking/heating your meal to the perfect serving temperature and holding it until you're ready to eat.


This is the best part. You deserve a wonderful hot meal, perfectly cooked/heated and ready to enjoy. Great meals, whenever...wherever...