Life is busy - HotLogic helps make meal time better!

HotLogic's patented technology allows meals to be perfectly held for hours ready for you and your family. Imagine that, not having to stress about coordinating your schedule and your meal time. Meetings run long, kids sports practice runs over, you have an unplanned stop to make on the way home - not to worry. Simply place your meal in your HotLogic and go about your day. After 45-90 minutes your meal is held at a delicious temperature, ready for you and your family to enjoy. Time may wait for no one, but your HotLogic does :-)

Family Dinners


Family members on the go at different times


Bring your lunch to work


Bring it with you camping


Energy Efficient

This is a wonderful side benefit of using a HotLogic product - they are extremely energy efficient! And when we say extremely, we mean it. To cook/heat a meal in a HotLogic unit uses less than a penny of electricity. I know, it’s amazing, especially when you consider what other devices use.

Holds Meals Perfectly For 12 Hours

What a paradigm shift - HotLogic holds your meal perfectly for hours. You are no longer held to a strict timeline when cooking. The best part of this feature, is the fact that even though it is holding your meal ready, it is not over heating or cooking your meal.

Fully Automatic - No Buttons Or Dials

Really, fully automatic - nothing to worry about. Simply let HotLogic heat/cook your meal and then hold it, ready and waiting for you to enjoy!