No Strings Attached

Risk Free Trial - Really!



We'd like to offer you a completely risk free and cost free 30 day trial for your organization to test and enjoy a HotLogic 400 or 800. This will give you a good opportunity to truly understand, use and enjoy a HotLogic in your location(s). 

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This is a true "no strings attached" offer. 
Simply drop us a line at or call (616) 935-1040 and we'll get the process started. 
We are here to help!

Energy Efficient

This is a wonderful side benefit of using a HotLogic product - they are extremely energy efficient! And when we say extremely, we mean it. To cook/heat a meal in a HotLogic unit uses less than a penny of electricity. I know, it’s amazing, especially when you consider what other devices use.

Holds Meals Perfectly For 12 Hours

So not only does the HotLogic units heat and cook your meals perfectly, they also hold them for you ready to enjoy as your are available to enjoy them. The best part of this feature, is the fact that even though it is holding your meal ready, it is not over heating or cooking your meal.

Fully Automatic - No Buttons Or Dials

Leonardo de Vinci said, "simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication”, and we couldn’t agree more. The HotLogic units do not have any buttons or dials. That’s right no settings for you to set. The software in the HotLogic is smart enough to do the work for you. Simply put it in and relax. 

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