Increasing Employee Wellbeing and Engagement by Improving Break Room Mealtime Options: The Herman Miller Experience

September 1, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Much of of the corporate world is finally catching on to what Herman Miller has known for more than a century: employee wellbeing is inextricably linked to employee engagement. That’s why Herman Miller has always made worker quality-of-life and work/life balance a cornerstones of their business. They are perennially cited among the “Most Admired” and “Best Companies to Work For” in the U.S., ranking among the Healthiest Workplaces in America in 2016–largely because of their corporate wellness program and people-focused policies.


As Shannon Bell, Food Service Manager at their Zeeland, Michigan manufacturing facility notes, “We have a Well Being Team because we want to take care of employees’ complete physical and emotional well being.” Offering all employees the widest range of lunch and break-room options fits with this; forcing some workers to make do with vending machines and a crusty microwave does not.

For the past four years, Hermann Miller has partnered with HotLogic to outfit their break rooms with HotLogic 8 Ovens. The big goal: Save employees time during their lunch break while making it easier for them to bring in the meal that suits them and prepare it to their liking—no hot spots, no cold spots, no burnt edges, no wasting time waiting in line.

”It’s crazy how quickly our employees grabbed a hold of this!” Bell explains. “Employees love it—they just grab their lunch and go!”  Del Lankheet, Workplace Project Manager at Herman Miller, agreed:  “It’s one of the best technology roll-outs we’ve ever had.”

“This is why we were so happy to work with Herman Miller,” HotLogic Managing Director Jake Wisner adds.  “This is a company with a real track record and a deep understanding of the responsibility an employer has to their team–the entire team, from top-paid CEO to the line-worker on her first shift.”


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