Hot lunch outdoors & on the go: use a car charger power cord with your Hot Logic Mini

July 15, 2013 - 2 minutes read

We were excited to see Gizmag write up a nice bit on our latest and greatest “Hot Logic Mini” last week. It was a good reminder to us, however, that this modest little oven doesn’t make its many versatile uses immediately apparent.

The Mini is perfect for camping, for example – all you need is an AC outlet, which all campsites (except rustic) have. For those of us who enjoy camping in campers and trailers, the Mini beats cooking in a cramped kitchen HANDS DOWN!

It’s also easy enough to use your car’s energy to power the Mini. This is especially perfect for road trips, long commutes, even day hikes. On long roadtrips, a hot meal certainly beats the grease and expense of drive through – right, mom?

Hot Logic Mini runs on 110-120V AC, so a standard DC to 120V AC car adapter (like this one) will do the trick. You can pick up one of these at your local electronics, department or auto stores.

Same goes for hunters, fishermen or any other outdoorsman who enjoys a hot meal to complete a beautiful day in the great outdoors. As long as you have an extension cord or car, you’ve got a hot meal.

Next, we’ll tackle clarifying another of Hot Logic’s secret talents: cooking meals from scratch. Spoiler: it’s really, really good at cooking meals from scratch. You might go so far as to say it’s what it does best – but that’s a tough position to crack.

This week we’ll be demonstrating just how good at cooking from scratch Hot Logic is with a tailored recipe for Chicken Piccata. 

Stay tuned. 

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