Hot lunch in the great outdoors: the hunter’s and fisherman’s new best friend

July 27, 2013 - 4 minutes read

Hot Logic has been making the rounds at outdoor trade shows lately, with the big Outdoor Retailer show coming up at the end of this month.

In a recent feature on, author C.C. Weiss questioned how useful the portable Hot Logic mini would be for outdoor use. 

It’s hard to imagine a microwave alternative (as Hot Logic is commonly billed) being much use in the great outdoors – right?

The truth is that when it comes to the Hot Logic Mini, there are few outdoor activities that can’t be made simpler – and tastier – with this affordable little gadget.

How so?

Well, first off, Hot Logic Mini runs on 12 volts – voltage which is easy to get from just about any power source, including car and boat batteries. A simple power inverter makes powering the Mini a piece of cake. Most newer cars have ports for 12v converters built in. 

So, how does this help outdoor recreation lovers?

LOTS of ways!

Summer camping trips: 

Camping with a tent? Pack up your soon-to-be-hot meals in Hot Logic approved containers and toss them in the cooler. Before you want to eat them, toss them in the Mini and plug them in to the car’s outlet, then go enjoy your day! When you’re done hiking or swimming, your hot meal is waiting and ready for your at your campsite – or even in the car.

Day hiking trips:

Same concept – when you park your car at the trailhead, plug in the mini and go enjoy the day. When you come back, you can skip the fast food drive-through and eat your healthier, home made (or frozen packaged) meal right away, in the car or a picnic spot – wherever you want.

Road trips:

Love roadtripping, but tired of eating fast food? Again, just pack up the cooler and load whatever meal you want in to the Mini and let it cook as you drive. No need to swing through the drive through.

Hunting and fishing trips:

Whether you’re headed to the lake or woods right in your backyard or are roughing it in a rustic cabin, as long as you have a power source of some sort, Hot Logic Mini makes hot meals simple and tasty. Transfer your meal from the cooler to the Mini before you take off for the day, and enjoy your lunch or dinner when you get back.

This is especially perfect for preparing hot breakfasts for early morning departure. Hunters get up early enough as it is without getting up an extra hour early to prepare the kind of hearty, hot breakfast they need for a full day in the great outdoors – but with the Mini, you don’t need to. Put your oatmeal and water, pre-made egg frittata or casserole, grits, cream of wheat – whatever your favorite hot breakfast may be – in the Mini before going to bed, and it’s waiting for you in the morning.

These are just a few of the Mini’s many uses for outdoor recreation. If you’ve loved using Hot Logic while enjoying the great outdoors, drop us a line and tell us! 

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