Revolutionizing the hot meal experience!

HotLogic Mini

The patented Hot Logic Mini is a personal portable oven great for the office, the job site, the campsite or anywhere you have an outlet.

HotLogic Mini

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Now you can enjoy fresh-cooked hot meals, reheated meals or perfectly cooked prepackaged meals anywhere. The Hot Logic Mini slowly and evenly heats your meal to preserve moisture and enhance flavor. No super-hot overcooked edges, no frozen centers and no worries about sharing a dirty microwave.


+ Attractive, portable case available in four colors

+ Heat reflective interior – amplifies/maintains heat

+ Reinforced seams – durable

+ Double zipper – quality construction

+ Smart Shelf technology – no buttons, bells or programs

+ UL CSA certified

+ Standard 110v plug

+ Ultra Energy Efficient – uses less energy than a microwave

+ Suitable for plastic, metal, glass, aluminum foil and cardboard containers!

The Hot Logic Mini is clean and efficient, too. It uses less energy than a microwave to heat your meal. More sanitary than a microwave because meals are cooked in a sealed container and the slow, even, heating eliminates splatter and exploding food.

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- Glass Dishes
- Frozen Meals
- Plastic Containers
- Foil Packaging


Save money – hot meals without the expense of eating out
Eat healthy – home cooked meals so you know what you’re eating
Convenient – it cooks while you work or play
Super Efficient – costs less than a penny per meal
Easy – no programs or buttons to push, use almost any type of flat bottom, sealed container
Suitable for plastic, metal, glass, aluminum foil and cardboard containers!

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  • 1 shelf with Smart Shelf Technology
  • Nylon case available in four colors: Black, blue, green, orange
  • 10”W X 8”D X 3.5”H
  • 110v standard wall outlet
  • UL CSA Certified
  • No Buttons or Dials

    YES, the HL Mini is a FULLY AUTOMATIC OVEN, just plug it in.

  • Evenly Cooked

    YES, the HL Mini uses conduction heating, which heats meals evenly - no cold spots, no burnt edges.

  • Cook From Scratch

    YES, you can add individual ingredients and cook them together.

  • Cook Frozen Meals

    YES, You can cook frozen meals perfectly.

  • Reheat Left Overs

    You can reheat meals perfectly.

  • In The Car

    YES, you can plug it in directly in your cars standard plug in or with an inverter into the AC power outlet.

  • Containers

    YES, You can use ANY TYPE of rigid container with a sealed flat-bottom in the HOTLOGIC Mini! Metal, plastic, cardboard, glass. You name it and it is safe. It won’t spark, melt or cause a fire! The safe low temperatures allow the HOTLOGIC Mini to cook food in ANY rigid container available to you.

  • Boiling Food

    NO, The HotLogic Mini is programmed not to boil your food. This protects your food from being over cooked and having burnt edges. This also means that cooking foods that require boiling such as dry pasta, will not be compatible; that being said, reheating pasta meals are amazing in the HotLogic Mini, as are frozen pasta meals.

  • Recipes

    YES, We are excited to share some recipes in this booklet as well as on the different social media platforms and blogs. As you use your HL MIni and have a recipe that you enjoy, please do share your recipe with us on Facebook or emailing us at and

  • Customer Reviews

    YES, We are very honored that so many customers have taken the time to review the HotLogic Mini; to read some of the reveiws, please visit and search for “HotLogic Mini” and read the wonderful five star reviews. Please feel free to add your five star review as well :-)

  • Outside The USA

    YES, you can plug it in with the use of a power converter.

HotLogic Mini Perfect for home & office.