September 5, 2013 - 1 minute read

Buttered Chicken Fillets & Seasonal Veggies

This past holiday weekend, my husband discovered the joy of preparing meals ahead of time for Hot Logic. I returned from the market with bushels of produce, fully prepared to can and freeze most of it, but the husband swooped in and used the veggies to prepare nearly a month of meals instead. He had gone out and bought extra Hot Logic-ready containers ahead of time.

For this particular dish (which he liked so much he repeated four times, as you can see), he butterflied chicken breasts, marinated them in soy sauce, then seared them in butter just long enough to sear the outside and lock in moisture.

Placing green beans and carrots on the bottom (because these veggies need the most heat to cook), with small potatoes and peppers on top, he nestled the chicken filets in amongst the veggies and topped it all with the vodka cream tomato sauce I’d made earlier.

I can’t wait to try these this week!

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