4 storage containers that are perfect for Hot Logic, and where to buy them

July 15, 2014 - 1 minute read

A friend using our product recently asked us to recommend a good lightweight container brand to use in the Hot Logic Mini during travels. We often ship containers along with the Mini, but these containers are Pyrex, and having something lighter while you’re traveling makes perfect sense!

To answer his question, we did some digging, and found containers in a range of materials that are a perfect fit for Hot Logic. They’re glass, recycled plastic, stainless steel and, of course, Tupperware.

Do you have a favorite container? If so, what is it?


Anchor Hocking glass dish – $6.99 at K-Mart


preserve recycled plastic, 25oz – $6.59 at K-Mart


Stainless steel bento box – $23.95 at mightynest.com


Plastic cookware portable breakfast maker – $20.000 from Tupperware